ESG Associates Inc.

Philosophy & Approach

ESG Associates Inc. was established to respond to the growing demand for recreational programming by municipalities, schools, private, and non-profit organizations. We work in conjunction with communities, schools and organizations to create a sustainable year-round athletic ecosystem to benefit users of all demographics. Our expertise in assessment, feasibility studies and design/development coupled with elements of programming, operation and marketing allows for the incorporation of an entire community’s recreational and economic desires.

ESG brings an unmatched array of services and the proven track record of helping our constituents navigate the road from concept to completion, ultimately resulting in best-in-class facilities that serve our communities for generations to come.

As a multi faceted developer and operator, ESG assist clients with their vision by fostering community engagement, providing the resources and experiences necessary for a successful project, providing various financial mechanism required to complete it, and select the right people to refine and execute not only the study but the ultimate recreational development. ESG brings all aspects of a full scale development team to each project; industry leading designers & architects, study expertise, multifaceted construction & engineering experience, financial structuring, local project experience, athletic facilities management, comprehensive understanding of sports and entertainment-related facilities development. If granted the opportunity to work with a community ESG will assist any clients development needs through a seamless process.


ESG’s full array service approach is anchored in our philosophy of community engagement and project sustainability, backed by a proven track recored of delivering communities best-in-class family oriented athletic venues. ESG’s approach stems from years of developing Public Private Partnerships through community engagement with an “outside-in” perspective. This practice represents ESG’s deliberate approach to avoids the common inward-focus bias and the presentation of preordained development concepts. Instead our focus becomes a systematic and immersive analysis through community engagement of what facility uses and needs are relevant to both our client and the community they plan to serve for long term project sustainability. The crucial step is making a creative leap to discover a unique combination of surfaces that meets a client’s existing and projected demands, but that simultaneously never loses a direct line of sight to the end-user needs.


ESG’s project philosophy is centered in community engagement. Having developed and operated many of the newest family oriented athletic venues in Massachusetts through P3’s, ESG prides itself on fostering relationships with each possible end user through an “outside-in” perspective. Our team then works to combine those relationships with our comprehensive real world design, development, financial, and operational industry knowledge to create one of a kind athletic ecosystems within budget. Our ever evolving “One Stop Shop” approach allows our firm to be uniquely positioned in the ever-changing, complex road, of athletic development alongside our industry leading partners to serve our clients every need.