Assessment, Feasibility & Market Studies

ESG will prepare a Feasibility Analysis outlining impact to community, preliminary business plan and financing plan for project development. The analysis will ensure the investment is proper and sizing of project is correct, users are qualified, and the project can withstand the scrutiny of prospective lenders.

ESG will prepare and Economic Impact analysis of overall impact to the local community including construction expenditures and construction jobs, operating expenditures and operating jobs to be incorporated into a Business Plan detailing all revenue sources that can be expected from the complex and specific options for grants, sponsors and non athletic operating revenues including concessions and advertising. This report will be the “blueprint” for the development of the organization plan for the owners and serves to determine the sources of ongoing revenues.

ESG will follow the Feasibility and Economic Impact Studies with a Cost Estimate based on costs from previous projects, historical costs, and discussions with local contractors. The cost estimate will be detailed including line items for all site work, utilities, athletic fields, and buildings.


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