Programming & Operations

EDGE will commit and financially support a single point of contact to guide and oversee employees of the Sports Center in order to:

Recruit, recommend for hire, and train all the workers at the facility according to budget established with and approved by Client in advance.

Maintain all equipment and property in a first class manner. Implement our maintenance procedures and policies to maintain all records.

Assist in review of financial reports by the Property Manager, including a balance sheet, statement of cash flows, profit and loss versus budget for the month and year-to-date, comparisons to last years’ periods (when appropriate), and the complete general ledger. The reports will be made on a full accrual basis and to GAAP standards and be sent electronically to all people approved by ownership.

Optimize programming and scheduling. EDGE will create schedules and programming to maximize the revenue potential with user groups and meet the owner’s objectives.

Coordinate sales, marketing, and promotions. We will institute a specifically designed system for the facility.

Establish our risk management procedures. Establish a master policy for liability insurance and train the staff on risk management and accident investigating procedures.

Provide on-call support for the on-site staff. Our team is available 24/7 to assist our properties with knowledge and experience in all aspects of facility management.

Work with Ownership to develop this property for long-term value.


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